McLaren back with Mercedes engines in F1 2021: What it all means

McLaren chief Zak Brown has worried the teams return to Mercedes engines in 2021 wont be for them winning races again in 29, the only catalyst.
McLaren last week announced that a return on the producers energy unit after following when the teams agreement with Renault comes to a finish.
Brown, McLarens CEO, describes McLaren as being in amomentum-building mode and states that the Mercedes deal will provide after further piece to the mystery as they bid to return to the front.
Asked if the shift in power unit would return them to winning manners, Brown told Sky Sports F1:Over the years, however I think that its not electricity unit thats keeping us back from winning races right now, I think its ourselves.
I dont think were yet prepared to win – its one step at a time. We are having a good season and we need to keep taking steps forward.
In Formula 1 that which is about little incremental profits, but I think that its not quite as easy as placing a different engine in and were back to front. We have got a ton more work before us than simply changing motors.
Brown added:The chassis is pretty great but I dont think its as excellent as the three teams in front of us, quite honestly. We know where its a few areas on track.
We have a new wind tunnel arriving and that I think we are behind in certain aerodynamic development, partially because we do not possess our own wind tunnel that is state of their art. With Formula 1 it a little bit everywhere as opposed to a area, so that I believe were making great progress.
If you have a take a look in Mercedes, before they ruled they won a race then you build momentum, so were only at a momentum-building mode at this time.
The winners of a 20 world championship titles won a race in 2012 but their current fourth-place in the constructors championship is their best placing since that year.
And Brown thinks that they can challenge the recent world champions of F1 .
Im very convinced that Mercedes provides all the telemetry so its clear whats at the Mercedes grand prix automobile is the same that is at the Williams and also the Dominion Point automobiles, said Brown to colleagues.
If we do a very good job with our staff, execute, drivers do a good job, I believe we can. But you are going to have to be on your A-game.
And Mercedes manager Toto Wolff said:If you see the guys that Im at least interacting with – Andreas [Seidl], James Key or Zak – you can see theyre energised and they would like to go back to where McLaren deserves to be. We are up for the battle .
When are McLaren switching to Mercedes motors?
After one year powered by Renault in 2020, McLaren will operate Mercedes hybrid power unit in 2021.
Just how long is your bargain for?
The agreement is for a span of four seasons until 2024.
Are McLaren heading back into Mercedes?
McLaren consider that while their period with Renault because 2018 hasgiven us a lot of energy and their motor continues to enhance amid the Woking costumes rise back up the grid, Mercedes will take them to the next level.
we would like to continue up the grid also, quite simply, Mercedes has become the benchmark electricity unit in this hybrid , explained Brown. The principles wont actually change much [about the 2021 motor ] so were putting our bets we believe that is going to be the power unit to have.
Were any routes considered by them?
Brown claims the possibility of coming Ferrari, that own 2019s standout engine, was never believed – pointing to aclear brand battle between both manufacturers of supercars – while the idea of constructing their own in-house powe unit isnt regarded as viable.
Didnt Mercedes reject a McLaren strategy before?
In 2017, as McLaren and Honda ready to part business, talks were held between the spouses, but an agreement was not reached.
Back in the day Niki [Lauda] and that I used to have large discussions about whether we wanted to supply different teams or concentrate on our own situation, Wolff told Sky F1. Ever since then times have changed a bit. We think that the learning curve is steeper with engines out there. You noticed thats a portion of the learning procedure and that we had some doubts on Perezs automobile in Monza and Kubicas car in Spa.
This is a money issue also – yet another client ensures greater cash flow to Daimler overall – and were up for this challenge. McLaren is a superb staff and a fantastic group of people, but let us go [for this ].
What exactly does it mean to the future of Mercedes team?
Nothingand motor distribution agreements, according to Wolff, together with the future of their participation as a group owner beyond 2020 not linked together.
One is not linked to another, Wolff told Sky F1. I think we have got to observe Formula 1 develops and were in an essential time now to see where the regs proceed along with how it stands out. Its a different topic to providing customers, which will be a standalone decision
Wolff also stated in Sochi:The [McLaren] relationship is pretty strong due to these days [1995-2014] but for us it was essential to make clear that theres a works team now and this is a client power unit relationship, and not the start of a works bargain and us not being there anymore.
So what for Renault?
As it seems, Renaults own team will be the only one running the manufacturers engine in 2021, whereas competitions Ferrari, Honda and Mercedes all will have at least two teams in their books.
However, that is not based on their team principal Cyril Abiteboul. Studying the regulations, even when the attempt of standardisation, simplification, aero principles, go forward we feel that both significant performance differentiators will be motor, and motor integration and setup, the Frenchman told Sky Sports at the Russian GP.
In this respect, frankly it is far much better to be lonely and to keep to us what were developing. We have got some faith in that which we are developing and, frankly, if it is a fantastic secret I prefer to keep it .
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