Our History

Naurus (Pvt.) Ltd. as a company was incorporated in the year 1979. The brand NAURUS however existed much before that and was being manufactured under the name of another organization. Naurus Syrup was positioned as the NEW (nau) DRINK (rus) of the era when it was initially launched. Later on because of its increasing popularity amongst the general population, it was positioned as the National Drink of Pakistan because it like any other national symbol of the nation it connected people together irrespective of their social stature or creed.

It connected Pakistanis and with them connected the whole Nation. It has since then been the undoubtedly the NATIONAL DRINK OF PAKISTAN. Naurus (Pvt.) Ltd. Has since its inception always was ahead of its competitors in terms of technology, research, innovation. It has always forced the competition to follow by introducing new ideas in the market & has served the role of a catalyst in evolving the packaged food market in Pakistan . In the year 1997, Naurus (Pvt.) Ltd. launched a wide variety of food products under the brand name of SUNDiP

.The offerings under this brand include a very wide variety of food products that include Jams, Ketchup, Sauces, Pickles, Recipe Spices, Squashes, Juices, etc. The SUNDiP brand is an open invitation to every one who enjoys good food. We are the Naturally Better choice than any other brand available in the market. Good Food; especially in our culture and in all the cultures around the world have always brought people together and builds relationships.

The SUNDiP branded food products promise to bring people together in healthy relationships. NAURUS & SUNDiP are now widely known around the world for their superior quality of food products, mounting level of customer loyalty and un-matched customer service.

A Customer Service Division has only been initiated to serve our customers better. The company has most recently achieved ISO 9001 certification and is one of the very few packaged food companies in Pakistan that have achieved this award. The company is now set and on its way to achieve the HACCP certification.