EGBA publishes EU online gambling key figures for 2017

New industry data from 2017 reveals that EGBA associates are currently leading the way in digital entertainment that is hot.

Brussels, Today — European Gambling and Betting Association (EGBA) members in 2017 had over 12 million active clients, held licenses in 19 EU member countries, processed 354 million online payments, led $325 million assistance into athletics, and sustained 33,000 electronic and higher quality jobs in the EU across 14 member nations, based on new 2017 data published today by the industry group.

“Europe’s online gaming sector is an increasing and popular form of electronic entertainment — but with this expansion comes responsibility to ensure that people are kept safe when playing on online gaming sites. This new data demonstrates EGBA members are in the forefront of their sector’s development, interacting with millions of customers and processing nearly a million payment transactions every day.” — Secretary General, Maarten Haijer, EGBA.

EGBA companies jointly have over 134 gambling licenses that are different to provide their services in 19 EU member countries.
EGBA companies completed 56 licensing audits in total to ensure their compliance with all regulations and local laws.

Over 12 million Europeans had an active[1] online accounts with EGBA penis companies, equal to 2.4% of Europe’s entire population.
EGBA companies had a high average return to player/pay-out rate of 93.06percent to their customers. That means that an average client received $9.30 return for every $10 they bet.
Clients placed a bet each 17 days.
An average client [2] spent $10 each time they placed a sports wager with EGBA companies, excluding pay-outs.

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