WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show

The WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show is set to Start at 5 PM ET on the WWE Network.

This show will include interviews, in-depth evaluation and two tournament games: U.S. title game and Cruiserweight title match. The following betting odds are courtesy of 5Dimes.
WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Deadly 4-Way
Odds: (c)Buddy Murphy (-150) vs Akira Tozawa (+500) vs Kalisto (+400) vs Hideo Itami (+450)
Murphy enters this deadly four-way having successfully defended the Cruiserweight title because he acquired it on October 6th in his hometown in the Super Show-Down occasion on the WWE Network. He has been the driving force for 205 Live and is a big reason why this show is having any success.
After beating Alexander in the TLC PPV occasion, Murphy was up for whatever challenge was thrown his way. So, the WWE decided to perform a deadly 4-way match where Buddy will need to defend his title against 3 other wrestlers. Murphy does need to be pinned to eliminate the belt.
Typically, these matches are utilized for two purposes: to take the belt off a champ without making that wrestler seem weak or to have the champ come out looking stronger by defeating multiple opponents.
Which way will the WWE publication this match?
Oddsmakers believe that the WWE will continue to keep the belt on Murphy as he is a large favorite over the other 3 wrestlers. The smart bet is on Murphy, he’s the safest choice for this match. Keep a look out. Can the WWE eventually use Itami for more than an NXT superstar?
WWE Bet: Buddy Murphy to keep the buckle (-150)
United States Title Match: (c)Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Odds: Rusev (-320), Nakamura (+240)
On the Christmas episode of SmackDown, Rusev amazed his followers with a championship triumph over Shinsuke Nakamura. Since then, Nakamura has been on a mission to receive his United States Championship belt back. This feud is becoming personal, or so the WWE wants you to think, as Rusev’s spouse Lana was hurt during one of Nakamura’s strikes on Rusev.
One year ago, Nakamura won the men’s battle royal and could go on to face AJ Styles in WrestleMania 34. He is fighting to get a secondary name on the Kickoff Show this year. This is further evidence that the WWE has.
Paradoxically, it is almost as though the WWE is taking the exact same approach Shinsuke they took with Rusev. It is a way of epic collapse and numerous missed chances despite what the WWE Universe has clamored for.
Both men deserve better than what they have going for them — a feud that many fans don’t care about. With that said, I anticipate the WWE to keep the belt on Rusev as he is a fan favourite and it might give the belt some value till they pass it to some climbing heels such as Andrade Cien Almas.

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