Steve Hansen praises knockout experience after World Cup quarter-final victory

Steve Hansen praised his players’ experience of knockout Soccer as New Zealand booked their place

The head coach’s players have not lost a match in the competition and produced the 80 minutes of rugby by 46-14 in Tokyo to see-off Ireland.
The costume’s first try came in the 11th minute and they never looked back in this. After, Hansen had been quick to praise his players’ attitude and strategy.
“Experience is a funny thing, isn’t it? Our young guys are involved with championship-winning teams at Super Rugby, in minutes, and that is the reason it is possible to pick them with confidence,” stated the head trainer.
“Their excitement, excitement and ability to play in the shape they are in is very vital and so is the leadership and experience of those guys who’ve been through the hard moments in Baseball.”
Together with ruler Rory retiring, and his counterpart taking charge of Ireland for the last time at Tokyo, Hansen also took a moment both.
“I’d really like the opportunity on behalf of the All Blacks to congratulate two guys in the opposition – Rory Best and Joe Schmidt,” he said. “Both have experienced glorious professions in their various functions for Ireland.
“They have made a difference in their time. Both those men, I know, are ending up and we’d love to acknowledge them publicly for what a superb job they have done.”
The focus turned and spoke extremely highly of the manner by the No directed the defending winners on the afternoon and 8 played.
“The next thing I’d like to admit publicly is the major fella together with me [Read]. He has return from a back injury, because injury’s got better, so has his drama although copped a great deal of flak.
“It’s not only that, he has led the team quite well and I believe he’s gone into a higher level in the World Cup.
“Our assault has gone to a new level and he [Ian Foster] so coaching the best I have seen. Scott McLeod is doing a fantastic job with all the defence and also my partner Crono [Mike Cron] is surely doing a great job. We would not have a group without these four people so I’d love to thank them.”
New Zealand’s remarkable quarter-final performance sees them produce a four experience with Eddie Jones’ England.
England are currently approaching the battle off the rear of their emphatic victory that is quarter-final – punishing Australia 40-16 at Oita – and also Hansen shared Jones’ love.
“I’m excited about playing with them also today we have earned the right. I don’t think tonight is the night for us to be talking about that although they’ll be a challenge.
“We will appreciate our second, it was a special Test match, one that the All Blacks, New Zealanders and the players could be proud of. We will not think about England. They are not even on my head”

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