Serena Guthrie reflects on Netball World Cup and leading England in Liverpool

Serena Guthrie opens up on how she shares her Netball World Cup reflections and managed of captaining the Vitality Roses on home 18, the pressure.
By July 12 to 21, the Netball World Cup also set a new standard for the sport tournament, a benchmark which South Africa 2023 will endeavour to reach and eclipse and enraptured all.
The Vitality Roses’ build-up into this summer’s World Cup has been a much-talked about one. The contest was expected and the strain around the shoulders of the group was considerable following their Commonwealth Games triumph and Quad Series performances.
Guthrie has been given the job of leading the 12-player group and over six weeks of England from the contest’s completion, the participant remains taking stock of those 10 days.
“It feels like a small surreal experience, the World Cup, due to how amazing it was,” reflected Guthrie around July’s tournament in Liverpool.
“To have the ability to stand on a podium at the end of everything was this extreme championship for us [was unbelievable ], especially after dropping Layla (Guscoth) and fairly much going for 75 percent of the tournament with 11 players, which took a major toll on us. The way that the group stuck together and got through that has been amazing.
“Then you have got the audiences which were just insane, we felt like rock stars for 2 weeks which was wonderful! It was an awesome experience and it’s still sinking into a whole lot.”
Guthrie was declared as captain by trainer Tracey Neville. At the time, Neville praised the way by which the mid-court participant led the Roses.
“After she entered our programme in July she introduced a new degree. She attracted a function that we did not have, she attracted a direction,” commented Neville on squad-announcement day.
“She educated , off and on the court, and she led with her performance. Our forwards are taken by her, she talks out and sweats world class.
“She had been flabbergasted [when I informed her she had been ] and I think the phone call to her was very emotional. As it wasn’t something that she expected, I got teary about it.
“With Serena, she likely underestimates herself over anyone else. In our eyes she’s a world-class participant. She’s a gorgeous man and so valuable as a team member.”
The Netball World Cup itself saw substantial hardship is handled by the house side, along with the tournament-ending trauma, the devastation of a loss of Layla Guscoth to New Zealand trim heavy.
Before the championship the Roses had been clear about their goal – being at the World Cup final in order to have a prospect of taking glory – and – failing to perform that hurt them tremendously.
But, the facet as a whole and Guthrie as captain, demonstrated fortitude and psychological resilience to return and dominate South Africa on the last day to take bronze.
“It was probably the most intense netball experience I’ve had, but at a really positive way,” Guthrie said.
“I asked myself quite a few questions heading into the championship concerning how exactly I was planning to try and handle everything and what my approach was going to be. It’s reasonable to say that I wished to try and stay as true to Serena because I might be and simply have a whole lot of fun along the way.
“It had been ensuring that I was very comfortable in who I was as a person and that definitely let me lead through such an intense experience. It turned out to be a great; it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience also.”
This tournament’s edition, the 2019 Netball World Cup, was hailed as one which continued to place netball in England, possibly around the map and around the world and an amazing showcase for the sport.
We were enraptured by nations like Zimbabwe with their drama on court and the service they received from their passionate fans.
The champions New Zealand astounded by using their bounce and, overall, the 10 times, Guthrie considers has further improved the foundations of the sport for its future.
“I believe we needed a contest such as that to demonstrate the UK and England precisely what netball is about,” she explained.
“It was not nearly England Netball that championship, it had been about showcasing netball along with also the best athletes in the world, coming together and playing their type of netball to the very best of the ability.
“I think that everybody did this and it felt like a huge celebration of game and of women in sport also.
“We have been moving steadily and slowly advancing with respect to the game over the last couple of years however I think that the World Cup can help hasten the growth of netball and the maturation of the Superleague too.
“The leagues now have to acquire better so we could have more women training and experiencing what we did in the World Cup.”
For Guthrie time because the World Cup was action-packed. She has flown head into a wealth of unique items when it comes to her personal life and has settled back at home.
“It has been enjoyable. To return from such an incredible experience in the World Cup into Bob [Guthrie’s fiance] trying to renovate a home from top to base and also opening his cafe up, has been fairly intriguing!
“However, I don’t know life any other way than at a thousand miles an hour, so it didn’t really feel too much from your home! It’s been a really fun summertime.”
Netball will go back into Sky Sports with the Fast5 All Stars Championship and we will continue to hear from a number of players regarding their particular paths ahead and what that may entail, as summer begins to turn into fall.
For now, this World Cup’s memories remain within our minds and Guthrie will last to let a tournament sink .
Netball is back in your screens in October using all the Fast5 All Stars Championship. We’ll cover most of the turns and twists of the off-season as the Vitality Netball Superleague teams shape their squads for the 2020 period, which you can follow on Sky Sports.

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