Ryan Giggs: ‘Too many Wales players were off form’, but manager relieved by win

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From Dafydd Pritchard
BBC Sport Wales in Cardiff City Stadium
Manager Ryan Giggs criticised Wales’ performance as they beat Azerbaijan, but had been relieved to claim an”significant” 2-1 triumph.
Gareth Bale header saved Wales from a humiliating draw against competitors ranked 109th in the entire whole world.
That kept alive his hopes of qualifying for Euro 2020, at Cardiff City Stadium on Friday even though having a poor screen.
“There are positives, but also things I was frustrated with,” said Giggs.
“It was significant. We mentioned before it turned out to be a must-win game and we won it.”
Wales took a first-half lead when a Bale shot rolled in for an own aim and struck Pavlo Pashayev.
Mahir Emreli equalised before Wales captain Bale headed in with just more than five minutes to play at the 58th minute, for Azerbaijan.
“I wasn’t pleased with the first half,” Giggs said. “We didn’t play well, did not adhere to the game program. Too many errors, a lot of gamers off form.
“I wasn’t pleased at half-time because I understood 1-0 wouldn’t be great enough. We needed to evaluate that second goal.
“I’m delighted with the 3 points, thrilled with the personality we’ve shown because it is hard in any respect. We always work hard.”
Back-to-back defeats against Croatia and Hungary – the first time Wales had lost consecutive qualifiers for decades – had left Giggs’ side for the rest of this effort.
Friday’s victory increased up to next to Wales in Group E – flat on six points with Slovakia. The thumping of croatia away win against Slovakia saw the World Cup finalists combine leaders Hungary on nine factors.
The performance against Azerbaijan’s unimpressive nature was a cause for concern, although wales remain in contention to qualify.
“First half that I was not happy because I believed there were goals there if we stuck to the game plan, if we moved the ball immediately and were patient, left Azerbaijan run. We did not,” Giggs added.
“We’re overly fussy to reach the goal, in too much of a hurry to play those forward passes.
“Azerbaijan are good at what they do, so it’s the identical outcome they’d in Croatia. They could have scored two or even three in Croatia enjoying the identical manner.
“It is not straightforward. I’ve been in games. You’re not certain whether to stick or twist, to perform that risk ball or not but you must have that assurance. There were players in great form in the first halfof the
“Joe Rodon excellent for his initial cap – wow, what a performance. Tom Lawrence worked hard and when he arrived on, Jonny Williams made a significant difference.
“There were a lot of advantages but all I ask of players is they play to their skill and there were not enough that did that tonight.”

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