Penguins and Jets Have Been OVER Bettor’s Dream

Since the all-star break, scoring at the NHL has skyrocketed in the 5.45 total goals per match number we saw before the new year into the total amount of 5.91 per match we have seen because the team’s stars got together for a few goofs and gaffes in Los Angeles. The higher scores we are seeing from the NHL have led to OVER bettors benefiting at the betting window and if you’ve been choosing your spots properly, you likely have already been too. Two groups that have contributed a great deal to that tendency are the Jets and Penguins, who have united for a goals per match total of 6.14 since the all-star break. Oddly enough, these teams will face off tonight in Pittsburgh.
This kind of high total can frighten bettors off the scent of an OVER wager but according to this 9-6-1 OVER/UNDER record for many games which have experienced a total of 6 or longer this season, you may want to be bullish in this spot.
These totals of 6 and 6.5 are beginning to become commonplace on the NHL betting board with scoring way up along with the Penguins, with their 34-16-4 O/U record, have been included in almost half the games this year that have had one of these high totals. So, how have Sid the Hotdog and Kid Phil reacted in those seven cases? They have gone 5-2 straight up with an O/U record of 4-3 — maybe not what? They have surprisingly had two matches with a total of 6 or more — equally in matchups with the Stars — went 2-0 SU in these matches using an O/U record of 2-0. The Jets are on a crazy run of OVERs at the moment, posting a 13-2-1 O/U record over the span of their last 16 games and their matches have had an average overall of 6.71 goals because the break.With those past results in your mind, let us take a look at the matchup for this evening to find out if this one has an opportunity to breach its total.
A few things jumped off the page, when I analyzed this game. 1. Even the Penguins, with 3.93 targets per game, are the highest-scoring team in the NHL when playing at home. 2. The Jets have given up an average of 3.23 goals per game in their 30 games on the road this past season. Put those numbers together and you get a total of 7.15 aims, *chin scratching emoji*. I am no scientist or mathematician or anything but by the looks of this 7.15 is a larger number than 6.
I know that it’s not that easy but why is not it? Pittsburgh scores a bunch in the horribly named Winnipeg and PPG Paints Arena provides a bucket of intentions when they travel . Together with Winnipeg’s goalies struggling mightily to keep the puck from the net this month and the Pens coming off a five-goal outburst, this one seems to be an easy bet.
To pile on just a little piece, the Jets would be the second-most penalized street team in the NHL and Pittsburgh this season has transformed on 27.1 percent of its electricity plays at home — the second-best speed from the league.
That is all I have to know for this person but for the rest of you, who need further convincing, check out the Jets-Pens matchup here.

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