Custom Papers Reviews – Review of Top 5 Non-Legit Essay Writing Companies to Avoid

Writing help is, many a time, indispensable to students. So, whenever you’re in need of assistance, you should be able to distinguish between the legit and non-legit companies. That’s why today we will present some of the non-trusted companies in the domain, to help you make a documented decision!


EduBirdie operates similarly to a customer-writer matching clearinghouse. As a customer, you place your assignment on their platform, and interested freelance writers place bids if they are acquainted with your topic.

Now moving on to the reasons why we won’t recommend you to pick this service. The testimonials on the website were entirely positive. As for off-site comments, they were rather mixed. Some customers complained about the unresponsiveness of the customer support department and the lacking quality.

If we were to assess the writing itself, we would have to say that the mistakes and errors in our paper indicate the work of an ESL writer. Also, when we asked for revisions, we got no response. Without a doubt, this company needs to upgrade its services before we would suggest students to use their services.


Since we didn’t find any writing samples on, we were unable to anticipate the preparation level of the writers. Only if the writer posts samples on his/her profile can one assess the quality of the writing. An odd thing that makes us question the authority of this company is that becoming part of the writing staff isn’t that much of a hassle.

The registration process is easy, and the help with college papers company doesn’t verify the information included by the applicant. The paper we received was poorly written, beyond mediocre – being practically unusable. Even though we asked for revisions, little was enhanced. What is more, there is no useful information regarding discounts and seasonal offers. On the whole, this is an unreliable company.


One of the many aspects that determined us to doubt the reliability of the company is that it presents little to none information about its writers. That is never a good sign. Students that have opted for their services have voiced their disappointment in the off-site reviews we have found, complaining about poor grammar and resources, and inadequate writing style.

On top of that, the paper we ordered presented the same problems. The transition between paragraphs wasn’t smooth, and the resources used were general and outdated, especially since we paid for a college-level paper. Another negative aspect is that customer support agents are entirely ignorant regarding the company’s activity, which is barely unacceptable.


The number of reviews we found about Same Day Papers was limited. The few ones we did stumble across were negative, mentioning the inability of obtaining revisions, and the inadequate quality of the papers. By simply scanning the blog posts on their website and noticing the abundance of English errors we knew that the writing staff comprises of non-native English speakers.

Even though we paid for a college-level research paper and we specifically asked the writer to utilize reputable journal resources, he used primary resources and the style of writing was mediocre, at the very best. There’s nothing about SameDayPapers that could convince us to suggest students use their services.


The business model for Study Bay enables students to place their assignments on a platform. Afterward, the approved writers have the possibility of bidding on orders. Our biggest concern with this company is that it doesn’t have a quality control strategy.

In other words, the company doesn’t monitor what writer bids on orders. The job board is extensive, enabling all writers to bid, irrespective of their educational background and preparation. The most worrisome aspect is that when we applied to become part of their writing team, our credentials weren’t verified.

Speaking with a reliable document writing service appears to be similar to an outstanding option, specifically you lack the time to accomplish your college work. And, most importantly, acquiring educational help is rather effortless. All you should do is express the prerequisites of your job, and, shortly, you’ll be capable to get a good score for it.

Having said that, you ought to take the time to discover more about a firm’s specialization and concerning the offerings it grants, before positioning a request. That’s why we believed we should really propose 5 essay penning organizations you can definitely find beneficial the next occasion you discover your target date far too tense.


Before doing this small guide of, we received the freedom of evaluating their official internet page and customer reviews. Navigating the internet page is simple and easy, with thanks to the smart and neat layout. Aside from that, future clients can determine all the info they require related to and the website’s key facts.

Comparable to almost all essay penning firms the costs are introduced on Through what we’ve seen, the pricing of an essay is based on the complexity level and the emergency of the due date.

Clearly, instant essays purchased from Cool Essay are costly; so, it’s recommendable to purchase your article well in advance. We were have the ability to find out a good number of Cool Essay past customer testimonials that demonstrate the believability of the service.


In keeping with Essay Edge’s official web site, the website employs expert article authors only. In this way, they can be 100 % comfortable that the quality gave by is correct. Besides academic penning, that includes term reports, papers, application essays, case studies, and others, provides editing and proofreading features, also.

Just after trying to find trusted client feedback, we founded that is focused upon respecting the consumer’s instructions. What about lower price rates and bonus coupon codes – can university students benefit from price tag reductions? Absolutely yes. Truthfully, Essay Edge has a special customer loyalty plan, which means, the more reports you order, the more cash you are likely to save. Shifting to the consumer help, we can declare it is out there round the clock.


Exactly like the organizations explained previously, facilitates the ordinary piece of paper offerings, on top of that. Which means you can gain experienced aid with your entry articles, custom essays, research essays, and the list may perhaps head out on. Even though the Grade Miners pricing are relatively standard, they mostly could depend on the intricacy of your project.

Grade Miners made it possible for us to communicate with their copywriters via Skype, which is a distinctive feature. The important intent of this practice executed by is to guarantee that the copywriter grasps what the customer expects of the work.

At the same time, we were able to go for our preferred writer. With regards to customer feedback, they refer to that requests are brought by the due date.


Heading off to our fourth suggestion of paper organization, we would want to refer to This firm’s rating is established in accordance with its user testimonials, and the options Buy Essay Online presents. In regards to the diversity of products delivered by, we can report that you can get assistance with all sorts of school articles.

The pricing are on the low-average side, meaning that you won’t sense that you’ve been overcharged. Simultaneously, you might have the benefit of a promo code as a revisiting client, which means Buy Essay Online values devotion.


And last but not least, has freelance writing workers that is focused upon providing high-grade essays. On-site opinions show that Studybay give thought to the resources used in the penning process, in addition to the details delivered by the university students.

The existence of example essays on is even more than welcome: we encourage you to review article them prior to making a request, to determine the layout and tone of the penning. As for the Studybay user care, it is eager to help and provide assistance. As a whole, is a reputable organization; we can conclude that contemplating its high rate.

On a final note, we imagine that our evaluation material serves as a significant get started with in your search to uncover a stable copywriting service. Make sure the company you go for offers the way of penning you desire, well before setting an order!

‘A good idea is worthless without impeccable execution and a commitment to iterate.’ – Zach Klein, Co-Founder of Vimeo

My face started to turn bright red as I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I put down my computer, walked out of the Starbucks I was working out of and yelled at the top of my lungs.

Although I am a passionate sports fan, I’ve never had quite this type of reaction after a visit to It wasn’t a loss by my favorite team I was upset about; it was much worse. I witnessed the idea I dreamed about for years come to life in the hands of someone else.


Ideas are completely worthless without the proper time, care, and a visionary who can bring them to life. Even with the knowledge that a stagnant idea lacks value; missing out on an opportunity that crosses your path is not easy for anyone.

Weeks before I discovered my once faded dream turned into a reality in someone else’s hands, I heard the story of an underachieving baby boomer who talked about several innovations that he felt were ‘stolen’ from him over the years. Even though he never acted on one of his ideas that were created by others in later years, he felt he was owed something. I vowed to never be that person, but I would soon face that test.

Before getting into the details, I think it’s important to clarify my position on ideas and the reason I’m sharing my story.

Ideas are thoughts. Thoughts are shared. Those who act are rewarded.

I take full responsibility for not pursuing my ideas and dreams. My goal in sharing this story is not to impress you that one of my ideas was so crazy it worked, but to encourage you to pursue your dreams instead of waiting for someone else to grab them.

Ideas are Thoughts

‘I’ve got it!’ After over a decade of pursuing business ideas and failed startups; I knew I had an idea so crazy it was genius — Kick-Pool!

As someone who can’t stop thinking about inventions and possible business empires, I think of new venture ideas on a daily basis. I know very well that most of them will fail, and even less of them would be appropriate for me to pursue, but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing them.

My concept for Kick-Pool was to take the game of pool/billiards, and make it life-size. The table would be brought to the ground and allow players to kick the balls instead of using a cue. It wasn’t rocket science, but it was fun, creative and different.

Thoughts are Shared

This was one of those ideas that made me jump out of my seat and call everyone I knew to share the news and get their feedback. I’m not one to keep my mouth shut when I start thinking about a new business. I worked hard to build a network of amazing young entrepreneurs that are willing to help. How can I utilize their knowledge and experience if I keep ideas to myself?

My stance on sharing ideas is to ALWAYS share them. Many young entrepreneurs are hesitant to share the crazy idea they came up with, but this adds no value to you or others. Share ideas so you can get guidance and support from others. If someone happens to ‘steal’ your idea, it’s because they were prepared to execute faster and better than you were.

I was working for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) at the time withKatie Sowa, who is now the Director of Community Engagement for Future Founders Foundation. She was the first person I would turn to with new business ideas and was always just a Google chat away. I dug through emails and chats to find some sort of proof to back my claim. Here is what I found.

As you can see by her response, Katie was not impressed. But, it wasn’t just her. My wife, brother, parents, friends, and others all gave a very hesitant and lukewarm response. Instead of seeing this as a sign that I may be on to something that is different, I took it as a clear sign that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. As I look back, it’s not that it wasn’t meant to be. It just wasn’t meant to be me, because I didn’t take action.

Even months later I couldn’t stop thinking about Kick-Pool. I told people about the idea and constantly daydreamed about friends and families playing the game in backyards, but I gave up far too easily.

Those Who Act are Rewarded

Behold the game of Snookball! A couple of creative French entrepreneurs took a soccer-like approach to billiards, and are now growing the game worldwide. To their credit, they were able to take a wild idea and execute it perfectly. Although I don’t know when the game was invented, Snookball started to get heavy media attention in November of 2014. Watch the ESPN video that nearly made me cry here.

Lesson Learned

Back to my emotional outburst at Starbucks. It was 5 degrees outside, but I had never felt this warm. After stepping outside and letting out a yell and expletive, I grabbed for my phone. I called Katie Sowa, even during her workday, to explain this tragedy.

Me: (incoherent mumbling)..Do you remember…(more mumbling and expletives) a business idea I had several years that I was really excited about?

Katie: You mean Kick-Pool?


Katie: Really? I didn’t think it was that great of an idea.

Even though I knew it was my fault and I had no one to blame but myself, it was a tough pill to swallow. I gathered my pride and walked back into Starbucks to finish my workday.

About four days later, I got a package in the mail. It was from Katie.

‘The universe gives you an idea because the universe thinks you’re the best person to take care of it. But if you are not acting, it goes to another person.’

– King Sidharth

This picture now hangs in my home office right next to my desk as a constant reminder that if I don’t capture my dreams, someone else will. Don’t let your Kick-Pool turn into Snookball. Go out and grab your dreams by the balls.

The following is a rough stream of thoughts in my head:

I should just quit. I’m so bad at landing. I can do just about everything else in the plane I have tried but I’m up over 25 hours now, and I still haven’t soloed, and I’m not sure the end of dual instruction landings is even in sight. I feel like a failure. But isn’t this always how it is? Most things I try I fail at. I just paid north of $400 today, spent 9 hours 15 minutes total on flying, and while the flying under the hood was really cool, and I nailed it, the landings sucked. I’m confident I can get to the ground in one piece, without crashing, but the landing gear is going to need more frequent inspection. Why can’t I do this? Why am I spending so much money on this? I have basic status on United and American right now, why am I bothering to learn to fly an airplane?

Learning is so tough. I mean, I try these things and while I like to imagine I’m a fast learner, I don’t think I am, I’m just stupidly stubborn enough to keep at it after everyone else quits. Look at me! There are tens of thousands of people just in the USA that could run ultras better than me they just aren’t stupid enough to stick with it.

This is so frustrating. I need some encouragement, but of course I’m not going to ask for it. First world problems right? I can’t land a plane well. Boohoo.

Maybe I should try helicopters? After all you basically just set it down. How hard could those landings be? I don’t know. What’s the point?

It’s been a long time since my last beauty haul and here I am back with my make up review again! Yey! *Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, I bought it with my own money and this is just my honest review 🙂
So I got this palette a week ago and I’m so happy finally I got this palette! A drugstore make up and it’s City Color Timeless Beauty Palette. Of course it’s an affordable price too! The reason why I bought this pallete is.. it’s has four blush and three highlighter! So beautiful, isn’t it?
So let’s talk about the packaging first. The packaging is pretty cool, so sleek and the color of the palette is gold. It’s made of plastic but very sturdy, and there’s a mirror in it. I think this palette is perfect for traveling since it’s have four blush and three different highlighter. Because one blush is never enough, right?
I really love blush on and highlighter, so much. That’s why I bought this palette. So I tried this blush yesterday and I can tell you, it’s so pigmented, the three blush on has a matte finish and the coral one has a shimmer on it. When I apply the blush on with my brush there’s a fall out but not too much, just a bit powdery but it’s still okay.
And how about the highlighter? The highlighter is really pigmented too and slightly creamy, in my opinion it’s really good. I think the color of the highlighter is really perfect for asian skin, and this would be great if you’re NC 30. Trust me it’s really good! I’m NC 25 and it’s still looks perfect on my skin. So if you’re looking for an affordable palette with a great quality I think you should buy this one! I bought it around $15 on online shop and I never regret it, lol! 

And here’s the swatch on my hand, include the highlighter and four blush on. The blush on is really great for daily and yes this my new favorite drugstore palette with a great quality! I know this is not a hype product but who’s care since the quality is really good for me ! 🙂 So do you have your favorite blush on palette? Leave your answer in the comments below 🙂