Nico Hulkenberg, Lance Stroll, Carlos Sainz reprimanded after Italian GP qualifying

Lance Stroll, nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz have been reprimanded – but escaped grid penalties for their roles in the farcical end to GP qualifying.
The three drivers have been found by stewards to have pushed’unnecessarily gradually’ in the onset of the out-laps in Q3 and consequently played a”significant part in the banks up of cars at a vital stage” of qualifying.
Stewards added they”strongly recommend that the FIA expedite a solution to this sort of situation” to prevent a repeat of the eccentric scenes towards the conclusion of qualifying when eight motorists missing out on a last lap period.
F1’s qualy madness: What’s been said?
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In a evaluation, stewards took no actions to the Renault driver moving on through Monza chicane when he took to the track in the pit lane.
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‘One of the strangest things I have ever noticed in F1′
Monza qualifying – along with Charles Leclerc’s narrow pole victory for Ferrari over Lewis Hamilton – have been overshadowed by the events around Q3’s closing outside lap.
Following their first laps in the last shootout and Kimi Raikkonen’s crash, motorists were waiting as much as possible in the pits prior to heading out again – appearing to apply the slipstream at high-speed Monza – however only Sainz and Leclerc, who had provisional rod, managed to have about to begin their past laps.
Hulkenberg was the first driver from their pits with less than two minutes remaining in qualifying, before the along with Stroll, Sainz Ferraris. However, the Renault driver went straight on through the bollards in the Flip One chicane.
Stroll subsequently slowed down to let Sainz through along with the McLaren was subsequently side-by-side with the returning Hulkenberg blocking the trail for people behind him.
He eventually sped up to lead the area but all drivers were racing each other and to produce the line.
With seven motorists timed from the session as a result – like Sebastian Vettel and both Mercedes cars – Sky F1’s Martin Brundle explained it as”one of the silliest things I have ever seen from F1″.
Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo, caught in the chaos, said:”Everyone was just trying to get a little too smart and it just encouraged everyone to create a mess.”
Mercedes manager Toto Wolff, meanwhile, described the actions of some motorists as”only junior class”.
Hulkenberg escapes chicane sanction
After qualifying to spell out why he’d left the track at the chicane at the beginning of his closing outside 31, the Renault driver had been known as the stewards.
After reviewing evidence that was GPS and video, stewards said it was not apparent Hulkenberg had’intentionally’ left the circuit to get an edge.
‘The driver said that he focused his attention that he left it too late to turn into the corner so he went straight ahead into the chicane,’ read the verdict.
‘The stewards noted he entered the corner as he did his past lap that was fast. He was also in third gear rather than second gear he used on his past.
‘The Stewards note the regulation refers to”intentionally” leaving the trail and in his case we are unable to determine that the driver deliberately abandoned the track.’
In a stewards’ evaluation on Saturday night in Monza, stewards ruled no action has been demanded from Vettel within a charge of leaving the trail and gaining an advantage in the Parabolica.
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