Mauricio Pochettino insists he has support of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy despite poor start

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino insists he retains the assistance of his chairman Daniel Levy to the year despite his sides bothersome beginning.
Last year the Champions League finalists endured a Premier League defeat this period, also 12th at 2019, if they were beaten on Saturday, leaving them in the table.
Pochettino confessed he needed discussions across several meetings before this year, following a summer transfer window which did not go the way of the manager, yet the groups form has not improved.
But, Pochettino has told a global soccer summit in Qatar:We maintain an excellent connection and its extraordinary to have this support.
Ive always told him , along with my chairman, I think him a friend.
Soccer is not a drama, it is fire and we cannot distinguish it from emotions. But neither can we make a game as fantastic as this one because of the result.
We should learn from defeats to be able to transcend our limits and that starts by accepting that you dont always win and that the competition works hard and creates merits.
You should always react with dignity into the outcome, irrespective of whether its good or bad.

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