Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool: Gary Neville, Jose Mourinho, Roy Keane, Graeme Souness give Old Trafford verdict

Liverpool were lucky to escape with a point after beingoutworked from Manchester United, according to the Super Sunday panel.
Jurgen Klopps side saw their lead on top of the Premier League table after having to come from behind to draw at Old Trafford trimmed to six things.
United hauled the team leaders into a scrap by playing with a strength so frequently lacking this season, also Graeme Souness admitted his former side had been lucky to come out with a stage.
He told Sky Sports:I thought Liverpool got away with it now, but you must provide attention to Manchester United as during that first half, they worked his socks off. They didnt allow Liverpool to get in the game whatsoever.
Their Travels is well famous for their work-rate but they were outworked and bossed in there today. I think the result is reasonable if you examine the stats using 68 percent ownership.
But United will require a lot from it. They turned up today – they looked coordinated and a risk was carried by them.
Salah was outside and Manchester United did a fantastic job on their full-backs, except for the goal. As a good deal of the players did not turn up However, Liverpool have surely got out with one today.
Liverpool have a midfield that will outwork anyone, however they got outworked in the first half thats very unusual.
When they get to the last third, they have not got any cuteness in the midfield but what they do need is workaholics, with Fabinho, Henderson and Wijnaldum.
Thats the reason why they huffed and puffed for large periods today as United sat so deep. It is quite unpleasant to be overly critical about the Liverpool midfield.
While Liverpool definitely needed not the purpose more than United, a triumph against Premier League leaders and their competitors could have made a significant difference to their season.
In the short term, the additional two things could have increased Ole Gunnar Solskjaers negative to eighth in the table instead of 13th, while a win that few people outside of Old Trafford seriously expected could have been the spark needed to kick-start their period and lift morale among the group and fans.
Former United manager Jose Mourinho was impressed by the way his successor setup to nullify the threat of Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane with the effective use of somelow block.
I feel as though Liverpool have some constraints when they come up against teams with reduced cubes, he told Sky Sports. They have excellent effects but sometimes they win just from the limits.
Occasionally they crush opponents that play the way that they wish to play , but clearly theres a bit of frustration for Jurgen. At Old Trafford, that is a spot for Liverpool he has never done it.
I really think that he didnt like the menu. Meat is liked by him , and fish was got by him.
He was not happy, and theyre of course much stronger playing with a side that provides them chances on the counter-attack and about the transition, however, United at this moment play a different profile.
They try to be solid in the back and they maintained the 3 centre-backs compact and solid with the midfield. They didnt like the menu.
Solskjaer is the manager Klopp neglected to conquer, with the two encounters ending in a draw and has faced from the Premier League.
Roy Keane told Sky Sports:It certainly helps, and also the manner of the performance was good. It turned out to be quite positive, although we wondered if it would be a and looked in the system. However, the key for Ole is to kick out of here.
Its quite simple to raise your match for this sort of sport, with all the United fans behind you from Liverpool, but it is now exactly what they do during the upcoming few weeks. They have to kick and get some kind of momentum to a run along with the season.
But today will have become a huge boost for them.
I think both supervisors will be happy with the lure. The pressure was building out of Liverpool, and of course their lads are speaking quite seriously about themselves, however, I believe you need to give a little charge now to United.
They have the first goal and then were allowed to sit in, but they got a little bit cluttered. United lacked a bit of composure.
With Liverpool, in case youre talking about winning titles, youre referring to amassing points once you play badly, and that is exactly what they did.
United now go from the Europa League to Partizan Belgrade on Thursday, before a trip on Sunday to Norwich.
Gary Neville explained:Clearly theyre going to move and play away from home – that they play with Belgrade, Norwich, Chelsea and then Bournemouth.
I believe this group is suited for counter-attacking and playing away from home, just the way that they setup just generally.
They have fought when teams have sat off them, like Liverpool did now. Rashford, james and Martial want space, therefore the off games may suit them – but they need to go and win at Bournemouth and in Norwich.
About the Europa League, I truly worry about how this squad will cope with playing four matches apart in 10 days once you have a look at the chair now – there have been young boys around there today.
There will be creeks along the way and they can not manage to drop their best players – the league needs to be the priority.

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