Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool are behind Manchester City

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp states Manchester City are the best team in the world.
Liverpool are top of their Premier League table after a perfect start to their campaign and are just five points clear of reigning champions City.
However, Klopp believes City – that have averaged 99 points at the previous two Premier League seasons – remain superior to his Liverpool side.
“We could not be the best team in Europe because Manchester City will be the best team on the planet – and that is the same planet I have heard,” Klopp said before Liverpool’s Champions League opener against Napoli.
“There are a whole lot of great teams out there and also you have to establish that [you are up with all the best] constantly.
“Last year, people were really great. I’m not sure we had been the best group in Europe, however, we were really good in the perfect moments and that’s why we won the Champions League.”
Klopp says his group will not feel helpless by going into the competition of this season as champions, although liverpool beat Tottenham 2-0 in last year’s Champions League final to win their sixth name.
“We do not feel the burden because I really don’t know precisely how that should feel to be honest,” said the German.
“It’s long past. Three or four months. The question keeps coming up on if groups will play differently against us. I don’t have any clue to be honest.
“I never went to some Champions League year, winning the Champions League annually before, thus we will experience that [together for the very first time]. I hope we are ready for this.”

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