Italian Open: Bernd Wiesberger wins by one from Matthew Fitzpatrick

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Austrian Bernd Wiesberger moved to Dubai list to the top of the Hurry after winning the Open by one shot.
The 34-year-old rises to a 22 at the world rankings after a 65 for a 16-under complete.
Englands Matthew Fitzpatrick headed because the next round but needed a bogey at the ninth and was second after a 69, with Scot Robert MacIntyre tied fourth.
14 shots that were fewer were taken by justin Rose than his 64 leaving seven below to get a share of 15th, in the third round.
Wiesberger began the final round three shots but was at the peak of the leaderboard to the back nine following four birdies in five holeswith Fitzpatrick shooting seven getting sent his tee shot out of bounds.
While Fitzpatrick missed a birdie shot from within five feet at the 11th, the Austrian holed from the rear of the 12th green to save par.
Fitzpatrick, placing together with all the flagstick in, saw his chance chance from 10 feet at the 17th out spin out of this cup and then he could only par the final hole as Wiesberger celebrated his inaugural European title, his third of this year after shooting the Produced in Denmark crown with a shot ahead of MacIntyre in May and winning the Scottish Open in a play-off in July.
It has been a fantastic summer for mepersonally, said Wiesberger, that missed the last seven weeks of this 2018 season with a wrist injury. I have had a great deal of good golf and revealed a lot of advancement after coming back in the previous calendar year.
It was a end of this year for Yorkshireman Fitzpatrick, that stays without a success in 2019, with won a championship since his European triumph in 2015.
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