Italian GP: Drivers, pundits, bosses on Monza’s bizarre qualifying finish

How the paddock reacted to one of their most extraordinary – and – bizarre – endings to a Formula 1 qualifying session at memory…
Martin Brundle:”That is one of the strangest things I have ever found from F1.”
Karun Chandhok:”It was extraordinary. Shambolic and eccentric, I’ve never noticed anything like it”
Nico Rosberg:”You are not allowed to do so, however they were all doing it. They are all bang !”
Paul Di Resta:”I seems silly when you’ve got professional teams together using all this tech and everyone misses out.”
Anthony Davidson:”You put more drag on the automobiles, like this season, you get a better slipstream. By simply tweaking the automobiles you get that recipe. The straights are somewhat more important.”
Nico Hulkenberg:”We’re all looking for a tow because in the event that you want to do the supreme fastest lap time that is exactly what you need about this. It’s so strong so much lap time. You just lose on the straights when you push on your own and also you also can not make up that period in the corners. Thus we ended up with such ailments. Of course it was a bit weird and odd for sure.”
Carlos Sainz: Using these draggier cars this year that the tow is worth half a minute and everyone desires that half an instant.”
Daniel Ricciardo: Everyone has been only attempting to have a bit too smart and it merely encouraged everyone to create a wreck.”
Lewis Hamilton:”The tow is essential to getting a fantastic lap and everyone was slowing down, along with blocking the way you could not really get through. It was pretty dangerous, I crashed a few times.
“I could not overtake anybody, there was flying and pruning, and it was like trying to prevent carnage all the time.
Lance Stroll:”This is a tiny comedy show out that in Q3. Everyone just underestimated the time . I had been in the front of the queue and Nico was playing matches that he cut at the chicane attempting to get me out and I was not buying it. So I had been taking my time, waiting to get back on track. Then afterwards other cars began overtaking me and it only became a mess.”
Charles Leclerc:”I sort of expected it since obviously it’s turned into a mess from the beginning of the weekend, but particularly in Q1 to Q3. I didn’t expect to find myself in a scenario like the exit of Turn Two where the Renault and McLaren was blocking completely the road and nobody may move.”
Christian Horner:”The Renault that went straight on all caused all the issues. Naturally, nobody would like to be in the front of the queue and it’s obvious he moved. Then it ends up in a bunch situation.”
Toto Wolff:”The dilemma is that everyone is trying to get the slipstream and it is a neural game, who exits first. Then some who have exited first felt thought they need to decrease the speed even more, moving through the chicane and outside of the trail is merely junior class.”
Cyril Abiteboul:”Everybody is talking about the fact that the gap should be very low, but if that actually occurs everyone is attempting to take advantage of each and every detail.”

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