France vs Albania: Embarrassing anthem mix-up in Paris

For Albania, the national anthem was played in an embarrassing mix-up until they confronted France at a Euro 2020 qualifier on Saturday.
Players seemed bemused as they realised that it was the wrong anthem – the anthem, according to UEFA’s official site of Andorra – with cam pictures showing Albanian lovers creating offensive gestures in demonstration.
As prior to starting the match, which was postponed by almost 10 42, referee Jess Gil Manzano waited a few minutes to be played at the Stade de 30, france coach Didier Deschamps and Albania trainer Edoardo Reja spoke.
Afterward, when the correct anthem was about to be performed there was another awkward episode as the stadium announcer apologised to”Armenia’s lovers” and called on fans to honor the”Armenia federal anthem” before realising his murderous error and stating Albania.
France opponent is Andorra in the house on Tuesday.

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