European football chiefs clash over revamp of club competitions

The heads of two of footballs top bodies clashed on Tuesday within their philosophies.
Andreas Agnelli, the Juventus chairman and president of the European Clubs Association (ECA), re-iterated intends to revamp European team competition by introducing a third layer underneath the Europa League and encouraging a system of advertising throughout the pyramid, based exclusively on operation in Europe, not via nationally results.
His argument relies on the fact that Europes elite clubs will qualify regardless of the system set up, whereas teams like Leicester and Celtic (two of the examples he cited) would gain from having the capability to grow and grow within European contest rather than risk missing out due to domestic performance or having to play with qualifiers annually due to a lower coefficient.
Regardless of changes are attracted, I dont think that they will alter the participation of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or PSG, explained Agnelli.
I believe what is important is developing a system that a team such as Leicester, should they do qualify and enter the system they could grow with it rather than only relegated to national value, thats what we ought to be studying.
Whats happening today, unless youre a part of those 12 or 15 teams that take part practically every calendar year, participating in European competition isnt just winning the lottery, but will be the new axis to a innovative system which lets you grow and potentially turn your brand to a global brand.
However, Lars-Christer Olsson, chairman of the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (European Leagues) believes qualification for European club competitions should be based on national performance on a season-by-season foundation. The European Leagues dont believe the ECAs suggestion could work and could in effect encourage aclosed league.
Meritocracy for me ought to be sporting achievement, that need to be reflected in the international competitions based on recent success, said Olsson.
If we take the Premier League as an example and Leicester is a fantastic example, I think even Brighton ought to be able to win the Premier League and represent England at the Champions League for instance.
For me, it is not an issue that Real Madrid is winning the Champions League three days in a row if they are good enough. Thats precisely what I mean by meritocracy. If Real Madrid are the ideal team in a row so they could beat anybody else and theyre developing their football, thats fine. But not if its based on all the names previously. It is what theyre delivering today that should see them be in global competitions.
That is also what makes it interesting for the fans. It usually means that every national season is intriguing when it concerns the eligibility for the global positions. And in my estimation which ought to be teams from year to year, in an ideal situation. And that is where Leicester comes in, and where Brighton comes as well.
The couple were both speaking at Leaders in Sports Business Summit in London.

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