Bulgaria vs England racism in European Qualifier: Managers have their say

Adhering to the fall-out out of Mondays episodes in Sofia, directors have shared their perspectives with Sky Sports News and had their say on whether Gareth Southgate could have been justified in allowing his players to walk off the pitch in Sofia.
Jurgen Klopp:We did not speak about it, and the players didnt come up with it. I thought they dealt very well with the circumstance. It was just like there wasnt any game, after everybody spoke about it. Actually was a game, and the players demonstrated that the response that is sensational . You need to demonstrate the reaction and can make them suffer in the way.
In the end it is not important who strikes first, it is important who laughs last and it was clearly the England players. There was no influence on the operation and the remainder we dont need to talk [about], it is disgusting. No one wants to hear that and watch that.
Steven Gerrard:I was very proud. I thought they handled themselves Harry Kane showed immense leadership and Gareth . It was disgusting, it was a disgrace. I thought they did the perfect thing winning the match and staying and proving a point that way. However, I also thought they managed the protocol and their responsibilities out there unbelievably well.
As an Englishman and an ex-player I was ever so pleased. Ive been in the place myself with Rhian Brewster using Liverpool U19s and I think that the important thing in the point would be to hear both players and what they would like to do and respond from there.
Pep Guardiola:I think UEFA created a step ahead. The match was stopped by them three times or two times. Fight with every day for this current circumstance. Everything we are currently doing or will do to help to eradicate it is welcome. The players and supervisor are not alone, everybody is concerned. Whatever we decide, we can perform.
Brendan Rodgers:I thought Gareth and his staff and players were excellent. Theyve made it very clear that theres going to be a stance. We have learned about sanctions but we have not seen them put in position. Within this society, most players must not have to be subjected to that.
I was pleased watching them, when I watched a bunch of young men fighting to their team-mates who were being abused. I felt pleased watching it this might be the start of a stance because we are attempting to eliminate [it]. Hopefully, that may be the start. Its something that we cant stand for.
Frank Lampard in his own experience:I travelled with England in certain parts of Europe and believed exactly what we felt, and maybe did not speak about enough. I think the organisations now have to earn a big step and the body, I do not think human players ought to really be depended on to be creating measures.
The Way England dealt by it, from supervisor through staff was something really good to see. It is not the end of the story however, I think that it demonstrates that we are moving in the ideal direction and it has to continue.
Eddie Howe:Personally I dont think I would have done [taken players off of this pitch]. I believe playing the sport and doing and demonstrating your skills is the perfect approach. I think that the players wish to play and I think that showed.
It is only my view but I do not believe you need to see the game stopped and practically permit that vile insult to win, but its a significant topic of conversation and everyone will have a different opinion, that is just my thoughts.
Roy Hodgson:I thought they were amazing. I believed they did everything right. I really dont know if something would have been obtained by these coming from the pitch. When people are trying to upset you like this by abusing you, in certain ways you can not get a better method than England beating them just as though they did, however I still do not believe there would have been some more publicity
Nuno Espirito Santo:I believe in football, both the institutions and governments must do everything that they can to completely eliminate racism, but it is a social problem. But with visibility and the strength of football, I think the items people can do to stop it, I encourage. Until now it isnt as humans stopped by us, it is going to continue. I trust and truly believe together with all the next generations it will be over.
Graham Potter:I did not see the match to be frank but pretty much like everybody else [I think] its sad, very sad. Unfortunately it is a society issue but it is something we dont wish to see naturally. And of course for a club are wholly supportive of any campaign to educate and be sure we dont need to witness these type of events.
Ralph Hasenhuttl:I think that its absolutely the perfect thing to demonstrate a very hard shoulder for racism. The only way to prevent it I believe is to be as tough as possible against clubs, teams or countries, if fans show this habit it is against. Dont deny it, do not look away, look It right in the eye and say,it is not alright, it must shift. Because its a stage where you could show this and also we must be quite rigorous and very hard to keep this out of the scene.
Mauricio Pochettino discussing Harry Kanes conduct as captain at Sofia:Of course when youre on the touchline you need to comprehend the players always have rights and it is tough to be in their place, understand how they feel if they suffer abuse similar to this. Thats why I will support my own players.
Harry managed everything perfectly, I want to congratulate him. He was composed, the situation was under control. He demonstrated great maturity in these types of situations that arent always simple to control.
Dean Smith praised Tyrone Mings for making his England debut in these challenging circumstances:He has come back and trained, got on with things as ordinary and never actually said too much about it. I can sing his praises. When we talk to them and examine gamers and go we understand what they are likely to attract football-wise, but its personality that youre seeking to learn, that character about. Me and JT proceeded to meet him and he impressed . Having met with him, brought him here and signed him weve seen him every day and it does not surprise me how he handled the situation. Hes articulate, smart and a very great human being as well.

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