Ahmad Mendes Moreira: Excelsior and Volendam players protest against racism

Clubs Excelsior and Volendams gamers stood still for the first minute of their division match on Friday to protest against racism.
Den Bosch supporters subjected to abuse the Ahmad Mendes Moreira of excelsior on Sunday.
Players in the Netherlands best two divisions agreed not to play at the first minute of games this weekend to draw attention.
Fans applauded since the players stayed still as kick-off that was following.
The Eerste Divisie sides stood together until the game wearing anti-racism shirts, and fans held red cards readingshow racism the red card during the 18th moment – that the amount Excelsior winger Moreira, 24, wore on his shirt.
Moreira said he was called anegro and cotton-picker by Den Bosch lovers on Sunday, though the hosts initially claimed the striker mistookcrow seems for racist abuse.

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